Do you believe in yourself?

Can you see yourself?

How about your thoughts?

Can you see them?

Who are they coming from?


Who are you?

Are you something?

Who says you are?


Do your thoughts tell you you are you?

Are you a person?

What is a person?

Something that thinks and knows?

Thinks thoughts no one can see and knows knowledge no one perceives?

Are you more than a puff of smoke?

Are your thoughts more than shadows that disappear at dusk?

Strange Things Happen in the Land of Nothing

Out of nothing came a tree.

Not so age’d nor so young.

But with goodly branches spreading

In the center there, I sat.

On a nest of mystery spun.

Heart afraid of where it’s heading

Out of nothing came a sound.

Not a word nor melody.

Still. I hear it clearly singing

In a harmony I sit.

Out of nothing has it come.

From the nothing something ringing

Out of nothing came a stone

In my lap was white and round

That, my hand, is gently turning

Into nothing, will I go.

From the branches, stone and sound.

See, the nothing tree is burning

Something’s Wrong

Something’s wrong

tears just behind my eyes

aching heart

something missed

out of step

constant grieving

something’s wrong

In my land there dies a thousand

something’s wrong

something’s wrong

how will healing ever be that grand

to heal the somethings wrong?

how will life be large enough

to swallow dying

something’s wrong

Breath is easy, in and out

so is walking where I will

my fingers bend in normal fashion, yet,

somethings wrong, something’s wrong

Beyond my vision tears are running

marathons to empty towns

something’s wrong beyond my knowing

how will love become the song

how will somethings ever change

to something’s right from something’s wrong?


Sex belongs to Marriage

You raped her gleefully


On the naked concrete

You brutally beat him to death

With your fist

And stomped their children’s heads

With the heal of your foot

You seethe


Your Maker

Hasn’t forsaken you