Eternity is an Overwhelming Thing

No wonder so many refuse to believe in God and eternal life. There is no evidence that we are not spirits who continue to exist after the death of our bodies. No evidence that we are more than atoms either. When I say no evidence, I mean we can assume either position and use experience or observation to support it. Either way it is according to what we want to believe, not some objective truth. Both views are faith based in some version of reality. Can either one claim higher ground? Haven’t both “seen the light”?

So we may go on arguing from our logical and sensible points of view. Each side protecting what gives comfort from the other that disturbs it. I guess that one of the two views is correct. Can both be? Is there a portion of human beings who will simply dissipate at death and a portion who will transmigrate as separate spirits to a new body and new life forever? Hmmm.

And each will spend at least a little time here wondering if he or she is actually in the other category.

The Mind Without the Body

This is the great lie. Every philosopher ends up here. When I came here of course I was terrified, like everyone who has ever arrived at this end of the line. It seemed to me that my mind could exist without my body. For whatever reason it just seemed logical. I guess it stems from the idea of a master mind. That if such a one exists, then what a terrible circumstance that is! To exist without recourse of non existence. To be without end. The ultimate dilemma. The mother of horror. Fortunately someone reminded me that I have a body. Unlike what I perceived the Great One to be (a bodyless mind), I had a body to retreat into. And my body had parents. Therefore my mind had a beginning and someone else to be with. I took refuge and great comfort in that. In this place of respite I reconsidered the idea of God, the master mind. Someone was providing me with a residence in which I felt safe. I called out to God as to a father and I was delivered from the lonely torment into a comforting communion. Pure mind was abysmal. Having a father and mother of my mind, ones who have provided me this body (and, by extension, I mean humanity here and now, where and when I am living) was and is such an exciting prospect! Believing this has led me to consider that they also have made bodies for themselves. Bodies are the comforts of minds. God’s body are his children, his family. I thought of believers being called the body of Christ. We are his “temple”, his holy temple made of living stones. I think I realize now how valuable the body is to God. It is God’s essential comfort, joy, and I would even risk saying, salvation. With this understanding, if it is true, then accepting a separate, embodied existence is a crucial responsibility that has ramifications way beyond my personal life. Accepting this reality is both a high honor and a vital obligation. Being a child of God means taking my place in the family and doing my part in creating and maintaining a body for the mind. The great lie separates the mind from the body and the body from the mind. The materialist denies that mind exists apart from matter. The esotericist believes only in spirit, that the body is an illusion. If my understanding is correct, the great truth is that this wonderful world of minds in bodies is real, complete with faith, hope and love!

My family

God Loves Us…

…so much so, that he sent our brother, Jesus, the first born of us siblings, to declare and proclaim that we are family so that by believing him we would live and not perish! We are all the children of God!

John 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world should be saved (brought to our senses)through him. 18 The one who believes in him is not condemned. The one who does not believe has been condemned already, because he has not believed in the name* of the only born (only purely Spirit fathered) Son of God.

*The name above all names: Jesus. The Logos, the embodiment of the truth about me and God. God with me. How is he with me? As the father that he is. It’s the only possible way for him to be in relationship with me. Jesus declares that I am bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, that we are of the same genealogy and are equally sons of God our father. The reason I am not condemned is because God is my father. I receive it, I believe it and I reclaim my real identity and re-join my true family. I may be disciplined but never condemned. Condemnation is something I inflict on myself by shutting down the truth, by denying that I am my father’s son. If I do that, I refuse the flow of life blessing which comes with the family tie. The love doesn’t stop from my father or other family members, it is I by my denial, that turn it away. In this way I am condemned already. Jesus leaves that where it lies. He came to declare who I am and he does that with his very name. I love my brother so much!

We Are Men

Bangalore, India. I sat and talked with these fellows for several hours. They shared their food, cigarettes and ganja with me. It was my last night in India and I am so thankful to have spent time with them.

Pure and perfect

Perfect in Joy

Pure in mind

You are worthy

You came to me here in this place of defilement

You came into treachery

To save my soul

You are worthy of my praise and love and thanks

Though I doubt that you really like the attention that much

Like any hero, you were “…just doing your job.”

So perfect. Not a smug perfection.

But a perfect one in every way. A reachable perfection.

A friendly form of purity

Warm with camaraderie

I feel like a real man in your presence.

I feel your strength in mine

A rugged beauty

A handsome rock

We are men

We are brothers

This is a solid joy

We walk this trace together

We climb the steeps with heartiness

And ford the roaring billabong with laughter

Because we almost drowned

Now we sit together resting ‘round

the friendly blaze

Content with friends recounting

stories of our ways Around us

temple pillars seem to flicker in the fire light

Above us all, steel blue punctured by the childlike sprites

Who stop a moment from their frenzied play

To watch and hear our tales of holy escapades

We all belong

All is right

In this redeeming wilderness

This pure and perfect night.

Monomnity: The monotony of omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience….

Omnis: Latin meaning, “all”

It’s a beige word is it not? All. Everything. One. Whole. Infinite. I hear a constant mid-range hum. I see a grey vastness. I feel hollow, not quite an ache but uncomfortably close. All I taste is the inside of my mouth when I think about omnis.

Like a rock of large size and extreme hardness, the idea of infinity is stuck here in my existential mud. I’m quite tired of it. The infinity of space. The infinity of God. Micro infinity. Mandebolt cyber infinity. It’s all so boring.

Here. Take this! God is not infinite! God is multifinite (accent on the middle “i”). God is superfinite (accent on the “per”). God is a lover of fine endings! After all, God invented the vineyard which basically starts with dust and ends in fine wine. Or how about human orgasm! Wow! He loves beginnings but only because he’s planned such amazing endings. Now, you may be thinking, “hmmm. Infinite endings”. Quite the delectable oxymoron, don’t you think? If God is multifinite then he is also multiprincipious (accent on the “ci”), which is a really cool word as well.

Yes. Mine is a God of wonderful beginnings and endings. God is much less infinite than I’d imagined. And as far as omnis is concerned, I think that may just be a scrap he’s thrown to the living dead.

I Believe

I believe that life, being and consciousness have real, intrinsic meaning. I believe there is an objective morality that guides reality. I often contemplate the meaning of life both universally and for me as an individual. I believe there is a source, a supreme being, an intelligent force, god or heavenly Parent which rules over life and that that being embues it with meaning. I believe that everything has meaning and everyone has significance and value. I believe that value is intrinsic, granted by what ever the Power is. The value of my beliefs, decisions and actions is in the degree to which they align with those universal standards. I spend time thinking about these things and trying order my life with what I discover about them. I know that life is not just about me, that I am part of a permanent, meaningful reality. I may not have arrived at a final answer to the fundamental questions of existence but I believe that there is one and so, I wonder and ask and want to find out. I believe there are answers.

For some of my friends, it is over and done. No more asking or wondering. They have their answer. It’s simple, uncluttered, concise, matter of fact, however harsh or truncated that may be. Nothing to nothing completes their circle. But what am I to do? There are literally myriad concepts about origins and dieties, divine directives, universal laws, Judgements and punishments. Its enough to make even the most curious and open minded person retreat into the simplicily and relative peace my unbelieving friends display. Nevertheless, I can’t abide the fatalistic, nihilistic, existential oblivion of materialism. I believe there is a path to certainty concerning real, objective meaning, value and hope. Through danger, toil and snare and exhilarating beauty of indescribable new lands, I follow the trail.

Someone I deeply respect and trust once told me, “People are always telling you to go here or there or do this or that to find the “secret” of life but don’t go after them because the life you seek is within you.” What I found inside me was a big emptiness. I asked my friend about that. He told me to describe it. It was a longing, an ache. It was the cry of a child for its mother and father. The moment I described the longing, there with my friend, the answer emerged and the secret was uncovered. My heart called, “Father?” And then I felt the response which changed everything about me: “Son…”

At that moment I knew that I am a child of God. I realized that I have a heavenly parent who loves me deeply and wants to fill all the empty places inside me. I realized that my value as a person is not determined by what I do but who I am, that is, who it is that values me. I have a giddy feeling now, like being a kid again. This time though, everything has special meaning. I’m discovering the real life I had missed growing up. It’s a second chance. This time I’m on the path with someone who really knows me and knows what life and death are all about! I have found my eternal home and my true resting place. Yes. I believe.

The Lord and Her Slave

I take things as they are. I believe that the only value life has is what an individual or various groups of individuals decide, so that humans determine what has value and what things mean, not some unseen, imagined intelligence or deity. I believe life and consciousness are the result of energy acting on material. When you die, you’re gone. In the scheme of existence there is no certainty, no permanence and no significance. There is no objective right or wrong, good or bad. There is only the individual desire and drive. Ethics are all subjective whether personal or corporate. I do not believe that there is a higher power, or supreme being or gods or a heavenly father. Life is not here for any purpose and people must live out their lot however they see fit. A person may be a psychopath or a caring philanthropist but neither holds any significance except to the individual and whatever values they may project onto their personal reality. What people do in life is solely a matter of what they like, what they personally enjoy, the subject of their passion. Universal, objective, ruling morality is a fantasy created by humans out of the fear of oblivion. I believe that ascribing meaning and significance to life is natural yet is absolutely arbitrary and vain. For regardless of the reality I alone, or I and my group have constructed to lose ourselves in, ultimately it is all utterly meaningless and insignificant. It will all, like smoke in wind or shadow at twilight, dissemble, dissolve and forever disappear. I am the Creator and Lord of my cosmos. I am a slave of Mindless Chaos.

Strange Things Happen in the Land of Nothing

Out of nothing came a tree.

Not so age’d nor so young.

But with goodly branches spreading

In the center there, I sat.

On a nest of mystery spun.

Heart afraid of where it’s heading

Out of nothing came a sound.

Not a word nor melody.

Still. I hear it clearly singing

In a harmony I sit.

Out of nothing has it come.

From the nothing something ringing

Out of nothing came a stone

In my lap was white and round

That, my hand, is gently turning

Into nothing, will I go.

From the branches, stone and sound.

See, the nothing tree is burning

Human Nature

All of humanity’s advancements toward peace and prosperity have been technological. We have made no progress with our basic nature. We still exhibit the same destructive qualities as did our most ancient ancestors. This is because our problem of behavior arises from our innermost core, what many call the “soul”. There is a broken part of it that keeps us from being the kind of people we really want to be. There is a sickness in the soul of humanity. Fixing what’s broken and healing what’s sick can be compared to heart or brain surgery. It’s not something you can do on yourself. Broken souls cannot fix broken souls. Our hope lies in someone outside of the human race, someone who is not broken and has the required knowledge and expertise to fix and heal us. Our hope is God, the great soul who has given us being. He is the eternally wise and unbroken one. The Bible tells the story of God’s interactions with human kind which culminate with the life of Jesus. There is good news. God has come to fix and heal us. Like brain or heart surgery, the process is mind boggling complex but the result for those who have trusted the great physician is remarkably real and truly miraculous. The message in Jesus is this: all people are children of God and God is our true father. We are not alone. We can believe this in the presence of fear or confusion and in the face of our greatest temptations to evil. The belief in our true father actually changes our nature. Being with our father settles and heals our soul and we find the heart to love others as we love ourselves. This is the advancement in human nature we’ve been hoping and striving for through the ages.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Let me be your teacher and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. My instruction is not difficult and it will lighten your load.” (Jesus, book of Matthew, chapter 11, verse 28)